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TouCan get all your other questions answered here!

What was the Pre-Flight?

As a precursor to the full launch of Travel Toucans, we did a “pre-flight” release of only 70 pieces of art and early membership. This served multiple purposes including being a market test for this type of NFT project, an initial fund raise similar to a business startup, a smaller scale technical test launch, and an opportunity for our most eager Travel Toucans to fly in early!


What's "Travel Toucans Gives Back"?

Simply, these are our humanitarian and wildlife charity efforts. Shortly after minting is complete, the project will be making significant donations in the names of Travel Toucan giveaway winners to The Toucan Rescue Ranch located in Costa Rica . Donations will be made through merchandise purchases of posters, t-shirts, hats & water bottles - 22 of each, naturally. In addition, we will be sponsoring 2 Celebrity and 22 Classic Symbolic Animal Adoptions.  

TRR Water Bottle_edited.png
TRR Tshirt.png
TT Gives Back
TT Future

What's in store for the future of Travel Toucans?!

Travel Toucans merchandise designed by our artist so we can more easily find each other IRL!

Travel Toucans minting machine for all our members' travel photos!

Community based & token-gated travel website to post travel plans, find members to join trips, inspire each other with trip ideas, and share your best adventures afterwards!

Brand collaborations for further travel discounts and once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

Travel Toucans Utility Token to redeem for all of the above!

Whatever else YOU can DREAM - this is OUR community and future to build together!

Ok, but what's this going to cost me?

Presale Travel Toucans mint at a rate of 0.022Ξ (Get it? TOUcan, Two-Two, TT...okay never mind, we thought it was clever). First Class Toucans mint at a rate of 0.03Ξ. After that, public mint rates are still to be determined. Secondary market rate on OpenSea is up to the community holders.

Hmmm, but will I make money with Travel Toucans?

Honestly, nobody can answer that question. The more important question is do you want to be part of this community & revolutionary NFT project that combines real world traveling with the digital world of NFTs?

Why 10001 Toucans?

First, that seems to be around the sweet spot as a starting number of community members. As far as the exact number, we liked that the number is a palindrome plus 1+0+0+0+1 = TWO...cans...Toucans. Let’s just go with it. Cool.

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