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The Future of
NFTs & Travel

Travel Toucans is your membership to the world’s first travel NFT. A global community of enthusiasts & experts to reimagine the new era of exploring.

- Private Presale Mint -

Project Mission & Vision

  • Our dream is to give more people access to traveling and life-changing experiences.

  • We are creating & growing an organic community of people around the world who love travel, who want great adventures, who want to experience something brand new. A uniting of people who love this planet and want to get the most out of it.


What are Travel Toucans?

Travel Toucans are 10,001 randomly minted membership NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain that allow access to the very best in travel experiences, dream travel giveaways, and a global community at the forefront of Web3 and travel innovation.

As the project evolves, members will have special access to the world's best boutique hotels, secret international community meetups, local guides and experts, golf tournaments, sporting events, the best in arts & music festivals, road trip masterplans, and thrilling once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Travel Toucan

Enjoy membership perks including:

Unique, world-class pfp artwork

1x governance rights in community voting

1x entries for mint & community wallet giveaways

Complimentary admission to official Travel Toucans & Partner Projects' IRL events/meetups

Members-only travel discounts, planning, advice and exclusive experiences

Access to token-gated Discord channels and curated roles based on worldwide location and travel expertise/interests

Plus more...

First Class Toucan

All the benefits of a Travel Toucan plus:

Expanded Toucan artwork attributes

2x governance rights in community voting

2x entries for mint & community

wallet giveaways

Additional VIP benefits at IRL events/meetups

Priority access to members-only perks

Upgraded Discord role

Plus more...

Membership Perks

Launch Roadmap

Pre-Flight Launch - SOLD OUT

70 Pre-Flight, hand-crafted Toucans released into the NFT wild


Release the Birds - Password Community Presale

10001 total Travel Toucan NFT memberships released!

Community wallet activated (2.5% of mint & royalties)


Dream Vacation Giveaways (2 x ~5 Ξ)

Travel Toucans Gives Back!

Flying forward: TT Future

All Travel Toucans Released!

Mini Vacation Giveaway (~1 Ξ) 

2222 TT’s Released

Major Vacation Giveaway (~3 Ξ) 

2222 TT’s Remaining

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